Angelos Tanagras, My Memoirs

A Collection of Short Stories
Angelos Tanagras was known both in Greece and the international parapsychological circles of the early and middle 20th century as the founder and president of the Hellenic Society of Psychophysiology, the term used for his society of parapsychology. He started writing his autobiography in 1957, which took him some 6 years to complete. He sent it to the Parapsychology Foundation in New York aiming to have it published, from where Fotini Pallikari got its copies in 2007. She published the transcripts of Tanagras’ autobiography written in Greek in 2016 under the title "Άγγελος Τανάγρας-Τα Απομνημονεύματα μου". The "Collection of Short Stories", an assortment of chapters from his autobiography transcripts, portray the life, work and personality of Angelos Tanagras. The book covers topics of interest to Historians, Psychologists, the scholars of Humanities and everyone interested in the puzzles of the paranormal. Tanagras was an accomplished prose writer, which complements the merits of this book.