The Former Lives of Famous People

Amazing Journeys of the Soul
Εκδότης: Loupescou Consultants Ltd
ISBN: 9789609097130
Aggil Loupescou's latest book approaches the subject of reincarnation by offering insights based on her own psychic research into the former lives of famous people and well-known celebrities from both today's world and the past. This allows the reader to make fascinating comparisons, which are not only entertaining, but also offer an insight into this much debated and controversial subject, which has been one of the cornerstones of spiritual philosophy since ancient times. The journey of each individual soul through succesive lives on earth and the experience it undergoes, are the manifestation of "karma", the law of cause and effect, which influences every one of us, both as individuals and collectively as nations on our planet Earth. Use this book as a stepping-stone on your own journey of enlightenment and contemplate one of the greatest questions of all time!
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ΑνθολόγοςLoupescou, Aggil